Using Wikipedia Writing To Your Advantage

In today’s world it is important to be able to have access to sources of information that are known to be reliable. People often need to make decisions of all kinds about their lives including where to live or whether or not to take a job somewhere. Doing so often requires the person to make decisions of all kinds and make them within a short period of time. They also need to be able to do all that they can to ensure that it is possible for others to find information about them by as many sources as possible including via the internet.

One of the most commonly used and trusted sources of information is that of Wikipedia. Wikipedia services shows up in most instances at the top of any search conducted on nearly any possible subject. Most search engines consider it a highly reliable source of information and weight it heavily when deciding which search results are likely to be of use to their readers. Readers know that they can count on Wikipedia to provide them with results that are likely to be reliable and accurate as well as provide them with relevant information about the topic they are researching.

In this world, it has also become a necessity for many people to have a Wikipedia of their own. It is not always easy for any given person to write up a page about themselves for this site. This is why people turn to companies such as Get Your Wiki for help as they write such a page. Get Your Wiki has professional writers who are able to work with any given client to help them place a page about their professional background, current achievements and lives on the site that will be fully in keeping with the many stated guidelines of the site.

The client will then be able to use the site to their advantage. Any given page placed on the site will be likely to show up quickly in a search about that person’s name. This allows the person to help control the flow of information that is available about the person to others who may wish to look up their name and find out information about their lives. This can be ideal for someone who wants to make sure that accurate information is available about their lives to others via a simple and easy internet search.

Eric Pulier and His Role towards CSC Market Success

Overview of Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC)

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a Fortune 500 American Multi-National company Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. The company Provides Information Technology (I.T) related services to enterprises and government agencies. CSC is also ranked 8th among 500 best and largest software and IT service providers in the world.

CSC was founded way back in 1959 by Fletcher Jones and Roy Nutt. The company commenced its operations by providing programming tools including compilers and assembling software that could be used to generate application software. During the company inception, its primary business was developing applications to iconic computer companies such as National Aeronautics Space Agencies (NASA), Honeywell, and IBM. CSC made its Initial Public Offering in 1963 through the American Stock Exchange. Towards the end of 1968, CSC was listed in New York Stock Exchange flinging its operations to growth-oriented markets including Western Europe, Canada, and India.

CSC Business Divisions

CSC is considered a huge company by any standards, because, it employs close to 90,000 employees geographically disbursed across the globe. CSC operates mainly in three broad categories.

CSC conceptualized the North American Public Sector division that has been serving the U.S federal government since the year 1961. This particular unit provides proactive I.T services to NASA, Homeland Security, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), and the U.S Department of Defense.

CSC other critical business divisions include the business solutions and services and managed services that are tailored towards the large enterprises.

The company is growth oriented and in 2003 they made an acquisition for DynCorp. Later on in 2007 they acquired Covansys Corporation.
Besides, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), is also a market leader in cloud computing, Information Security. Bid Data Analytics, and general I.T consulting services.

CSC cloud solutions enable enterprise accelerates robust business innovation by enhancing business agility while reducing operational costs. When such technology is harmonized with CSC agility platform that propels hybrid cloud management, organizations tend to leverage on cloud empowered enterprise transformation.

Eric Pulier and CSC

C.S.C success is attributed to their talented workforce, and one outstanding employee has been Eric Pulier. The individual joined the company in 2012, and since he has doubled up as the company’s project manager, and the Asset Management Lead. As a project manager, he oversees the storage and recovery of related projects so that the organizations can adopt a universal business friendly standardized solution.

Part of his success is when he managed a single project comprising of shipping and recovering of over 20,000 individual laptops and desktop project covering Windows seven operating system refresh project.

As an asset management lead, Pulier has successfully recovered around $750,000 in missed revenue from client and billing process that utilizes hardware systems for automation. This has been achieved within the prescribed time frame required by the contractor as stipulated in the contract documentation. As a result, Pulier has emerged as one of the most sought after I.T contractor in the world.

Adam Sender– The Man that Makes the Art World Move

Adam Sender is a name that is known all around the world of art collecting because of his natural ability to choose art that resonates with people that think like him. One could say that investing in art is much more fulfilling and easier than investing on the stock market because of the lack of due diligence needed to make an effective choice. In the art world, due diligence does not exist and it shouldn’t. If you’d like a piece of art then you invest in that piece of art, while being in the world of stock investing, you must look into a company that you are interested in and invest hundreds of hours of time into choosing winning stocks. Sometimes the companies that you didn’t invest in fail to an enormous degree while the companies that passed your due diligence tests do not fare as well. This is the disheartening part of Wall Street investing that keeps most of people away from buying and selling shares of companies.

Art has a tendency to move and persuade people and is not governed by facts and figures as much as it is ruled by pure, carnal intuition. A lot of times, when people love a piece of art, they feel as if they cannot invest in this art because it may lose its resale value. It has not been endorsed by someone with a credible name and so the people who want to invest in this art feel as if they can’t.

This is where Adam Sender saves the day. He invests in art that he is passionate about regardless what other people think or feel. By attaching his name to the art that he purchases, he essentially brands the art worthy of notice by people who have always loved a particular piece of art or artist, and could never admit it without someone as brave as Adam Sender to take the responsibility for them by endorsing it with his good name. Once these pieces of art reach a significant social status, tons of investors are willing to pay millions of dollars to get their hands on these beautiful pieces that people consider investments, when really they are simply purchasing them because they are in love with the pieces themselves.

People have essentially voted Adam Sender to be the governor of art world, whether he asked for it or not because he is confident enough to gravitate towards the pieces that he enjoys the most, regardless what other people feel about it. This is why he has gained the reputation that he has of being one of the world’s greatest investors. His status stems directly from of his unwavering desire to put great art on a pedestal.

There are very few investors that have the confidence that Adam Sender has to go outside of the box and invest in artwork that drive his passion. Adam just happens to be one of the few unique individuals that could care less about people’s opinions and more about the art and how it makes them feel. It is pretty amazing to most, including me how a simple endorsement from Adam Sender can completely change the course of an artist’s life, therefore changing the entire course of history.

The Accomplished Author, Jaime Garcia Dias

Jaime Garcia Dias is an initiator in the Brazilian Literature field. He has written more than 20 books in fiction sphere and has gotten very many accolades to that effect. These awards include his latest Brazil literature reward, ABC award. The author is presently 45 years of age and with a lot of productivity years still in store. Certainly, many authors write books into their early 80s and late 70s.

Jaime’s story commences early on in his life. He was very fascinated by literature and started writing the first book at the tender age of fifteen. After this humble start, Jaime’s adoration for writing has only increased. He has currently come up with twenty dissimilar books. He was born by well-educated parents at Rio de Janiero. His mother was a renowned architect, Garcia Dulce Dias and a father who was a writer, Arnaldo Dias. His credit goes to his father for the interest in literature.

Apart from his illustrious and long career in literature, Jaime has also had a vocation in the education sector. He united with the Carioca Literature Academy like a teacher and taught for approximately five years. The academy above was a kind of prep school for children interested in studying literature on completion of high school education.

Jaime Garcia Dias is amongst the many writers in Brazil to win and receive many accolades for his amazing works. He is presently the president of the school he previously taught in and gave credit to his icons for helping him come this far. Undeniably, there have been in the past several renowned writers in Brazil before Dias, who is currently among the leaders in the literary world of Brazil.

Amongst the amazing literary authors that inspired Jaime include Jorge Amado, who was a famous and most loved author during his days. He wrote several incredible works with the inclusion of Her Two Husbands, Donna Flor, Clove and Cinnamon, Gabriela and Captain of the Sands. Another amazing and eminent writer that motivated Jaime is Paulo Coelho referred as the bestselling novelist in Brazil for all time.

Authors in Brazil have written on Brazil for over two hundred years. The diverse natural resources, history and people in the nation make it the perfect place for autobiographies, biographies, fiction and poetry. Most of the Brazilian authors have not been very much praised or recognized outside Brazil, but this is changing due to the varied changes happening in South America. Jaime has been at the center of bringing awareness to the Brazilian writers by associating himself with the Academy.

Jaime’s high-quality fiction works have also aided in helping raise the stature of Brazil’s world of literature. Jaime has gotten different awards for five of his collection of 20 books. He is becoming the best-loved and known Brazilian author.

Flavio Maluf Continues the Success of Eucatex

Born on December 2, 1961, Brazilian entrepreneur and mechanical engineer Flavio Maluf entered the world ready to change it. As the eldest son of Brazilian politician Paola Maluf, Flavio graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from Fundacao Armado Alvares Penteado Foundation in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Next, he took a year to travel to the United States and continue his studies at New York University.

After spending some time working with a variety of banks including Citibank along with managing other businesses, his uncle and current President of Eucatex invited him to join the family business in 1996. The rest is history.

In no time at all, Flavio had become President of the company in 1997 and sought to continue the family business’s tradition of quality and care for the environment. Flavio is the brains behind much of the business’s skyrocketing success in using the raw material of eucalyptus into both acoustical ceilings and fiber wood sheets.

With a strong emphasis on creating quality products while keeping the environment’s health in-check, Flavio is eager to give back to the community as well. He participates in many initiatives to help the needy and supports charities. At the moment, Flavio has partnered with Hospital and Maternity Idio Carli as part of his dedication to serving his local community.

Perhaps one of the reasons Flavio makes such a great President is that he has worked in nearly all of the company’s departments giving him experience in the heart and soul of the business. Eucatex currently has 4 offices and approximately 3,000 employees comprising it and sells its products in over 36 different countries around the world.

Some day, Flavio aspires to continue the family legacy through his own family. His wife, Jacqueline de Lourdes Torres, and he were married in 1986 and have since been blessed with 3 sons and 1 daughter. It is the youngest son of his 4 children that he has his hopes set upon; wishing to hand over to him the key to the family business, when the time is right.

Slyce the Leader In Exact Match Technology

Visual search and recognition is one of the most exciting breakthroughs in technology today. Consumers will be able to use their phones to snap pictures of retail products anywhere and the technology will find you a retailer that carries the product or something similar. The next time you go to Starbucks and see someone wearing a jacket you love, take a picture and the app will tell you where to get it and for how much. It doesn’t just end in the fashion world. You will also be able to take a picture of say your groceries and multiple items will be found which can be reordered from your favorite supermarket.

There are mobile apps currently out there offering visual search and recognition, but nothing comes close to Slyce. The company which is based in Toronto, Canada has raised over $10 million so far in funding. Slyce has already out performed a similar platform called Amazon flow which only works if you take pictures of items in their exact packaging. Soon using Slyce, you will also be able to get coupons for the items you have tagged. Slyce is also planning on releasing it’s latest app, a visual search enabled fashion discovery app called Craves in June. Slyce is targeting retailers in North America, Europe and Asia.

Instant searches on wearable devices, with always on video will record your day like a video diary. Fashion and other related products will then be recommended to you automatically based on the context of your video. They also are exploring the idea of using image recognition to tag items for gift registries. The possibilities of visual research technology are endless.

Review on Investment Banking

Investment banking is majorly concerned with raising capitals for individuals, the government, and even corporations by issuing out securities acting as either client or by underwriting. Investment banks also provide ancillary services. These services include equity securities, market making, FICC services and derivatives trading. Investment banks are so much different from commercial banks. From 1883 to 1999 the United States did its best to draw a line of difference between these two major terms. Many industrialized countries have also strived to maintain the separation of investment banks and commercial banks. This has been noted historically. The elements that distinguish investment banks from the other bank are the buy and sell side. Sell side involves transactions and security promotion while the buy side involves advice provision to institutions interested in investment buying.

Ken Griffin is one ambitious and innovative man who can never be left out in a discussion when investment banking is mentioned. He is the founding father of Citadel LLC. This is a company recognized globally for the services it offers majorly on investments. It is also ranked as one of the largest investment alternatives in the world. Kenneth is a Presbyterian Christian, who was born on October 15, 1988, in Florida a place known as Daytona Beach. He is a graduate of Harvard University where his primary focus was on economics. Kenneth is currently working as the chief executive officer of this great company and resides in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. Griffin recognized his ability to come up with ways of investment in his first year when he joined the University. He was influenced by articles he read from the Forbes magazine. In his second year, he had known how to invest, and so he started a hedge fund that was capitalized from friends, family, and his grandmothers’ savings.

Griffin was a very industrious man while on campus. He was able to come up with a satellite link this was to enable him access real-time data from his dormitory. This led to his success and by so doing he was able to start a second fund. At this time, Griffin was managing over $1million from the two funds. His great works in Citadel have also been acknowledged in the financial world. Citadel is a company that has over 100 employees who work to ensure efficiency is achieved. Under Kenneth’s management, the company has been able to raise a net worth of $3billion in 2007 and also shot up to $5.5billion in 2014.

Investment banks are split into two major groups; these are public and private functions. These two divisions are distinguished by an information barrier that is; different information about investment tends to be disclosed differently, for example, stock analysis and private insider analysis. The transformation has taken a significant place in investment banking. Initially, partnership form was the one used. It involved issuing of security by underwriting. At the moment a new way has been found, it majors on three product segments, and these are asset management, investment banking and trading and principal management. Most institutions that have tried investment banking have given positive testimonials such as getting successful transactions, which are very encouraging.

FreedompPop to Offer Britons Free 4G Service

In a move that will bring competition to other budget-friendly 4G providers, including popular companies like Tesco Mobile and TalkTalk, FreedomPop is implementing an international expansion that offers free 4G mobile service to the UK.

Subscribers will pay £7 to set up the service, and then will receive free basic service that includes 200 talk minutes, 200 texts, and 200mb of data—enough to visit about 100 websites—each month. When a subscriber runs out of free minutes, texts, or data, they can opt to fill out marketing surveys from third parties to earn more free time, or they can choose to buy a package for the remainder of the month. Packages will range from £4.99 to £16.99

Since FreedomPop is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), it will not own any mobile masts in the UK. Instead, it will buy capacity on the Three network. Chief Executive Stephen Stokols says the company will only need to bring in 50,000 subscribers per month to create a positive cash flow.

Stokols founded FreedomPop in the United States in 2001 after BT rejected his proposal to launch in the United Kingdom. The current offerings will compete with BT’s own mobile operation, which has an MVNO agreement with EE.

FreedomPop’s goal is to reduce costs by sending as much traffic as it can over Wi-Fi networks as opposed to mobile networks. Stokols has plans to travel to the UK in hopes of sealing a deal for access to BT’s Wi-Fi network, which currently operates about 5 million hotspots.

According to the original report at The Telegraph, FreedomPop will only allow subscribes to sign up online, but talks are in the works with two major retailers.

5 Wikipedia Writing Tips for Beginners

The average contributor on Wikipedia started their journey on the site editing articles. Editing articles is a simple process. Start reading articles on the site. Once you spot an error, click the edit button at the top of the page, and start editing. However, writing your first full article is a whole new ballgame. The fact is that some contributors are very hesitant about writing that first complete article. Wikipedia would like all the contributors to take that step and just do it. Here are a few Wikipedia Service Writing tips for the beginner.

Wikipedia Registration
Get started by creating an account on Wikipedia. The registration process is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. Every writer requires a Wikipedia account, if they would like to submit their article directly after writing. Registration is not mandatory. However, those that write articles without registering for an account will have to submit their article for review and approval on the site.

Notable Articles
New contributors might feel confused about notable articles. You’ll find a multitude of article on various subjects on Wikipedia. However, they have one thing in common. The articles are all notable. In other words, the article should be on a suitable topic. Perhaps, similar to subject matter in an encyclopedia.

Practice Edits
Of course, some contributors would like to jump right in and start writing a complete article on Wikipedia. They have a hot topic and would like to get it placed on the site immediately. Instead, try editing several articles that are already on Wikipedia. Editing will familiarize you with their writing style.

Wikipedia Tutorials
The fact is that Wikipedia has not left contributors out in the cold writing world. The Wikipedia tutorial includes information on the Wikipedia writing style and the content that the site prefers. It is also a good idea to review contributing to Wikipedia. This information will take you by the hand and guide you through the initial writing process.

Writing References
Every article that you write for Wikipedia should have a reliable source to back up the information. The best sources are reference books, encyclopedias, books at your local library, or news sources.

Get Your Wiki
If you are looking for a source that really knows everything there is to know about Wikipedia Writing, try Get Your Wiki. The professional writers at Get Your Wiki are very familiar with Wikipedia writing. These experts will create articles for you that get immediate approval. Contact them for more information.

Skout Has Many Options When It Comes To Dating

Dating can definitely be a pain for some people, but the dating process is necessary for anyone who wants to find that special someone to spend the rest of their life with. Each person has a way that they choose to date, and not everyone chooses the traditional way of dating. Traditionally, a person, whether it’s a man or a woman; would ask out another person, and then they’d go out on a date. The two people may or may not know each other beforehand, but they get to know each other better when they start going out on dates.

Many people enjoy going out on dates, but it’s the process of elimination that may be a pain. A person has to date several people in order to find the right person that they really feel they can love. If they make a mistake and pick the wrong person, then they’ll have to start over the entire dating process again, and that’s very problematic for some people. Many people prefer online dating because of the fact that dating someone in person is a lot more complex than talking with several people online.

Those that choose to date online will have a lot more selection when it comes to who they date, and they may be able to date several persons at once, so they can weed out the different people online that they may or may not be interested in. If a guy goes to a website and starts dating 10 different women, he never has to see any of the women in person before making the ultimate choice of who he will pick to meet. Someone who dates a person would have to go out with all 10 women at one point or another, which could cost them a lot of money and problems. When each woman finds out that they are one of 10 women that the man is dating, it may look very bad for the man, even though he’s just dating around to see who he likes most.

Dating online also doesn’t require any physical contact, and no sex is involved. This means that a person can date as many people as they want and get to know them, and then they will choose how they want to meet in person and start dating. Online dating is a lot more successful than traditional dating these days, and that’s why online dating has become so popular. The Skout network is one of the best online dating sites today.

People like it when dating is fun, and it doesn’t have to be so serious, especially when dating is done online. Those who want to have fun can choose to go to the Skout network, and many choose to access the network while using their smartphone. The Skout application has some great features like location services, and the services allows a Skout user to know if they are within the same area as another user, making it easier for them to find each other for a date.

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