Iconic Human Rights Activist Thor Havlorssen

Thor Havlorssen has often criticized American dictatorships and has occasionally helped individuals victimized under house arrests. Thor’s consistent participation in the human rights freedom has made him one of the best and perplexing figures in this area. His love for kids made him interview the American farm’s kids to represent their grievances and ensure that children rights are accorded.

Thor has lectured on human rights at the Harvard law school, the United Nations Associations, as well as other world leaders platforms. He is unique to matters regarding slavery, dictatorship, and human trafficking. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

Thor Havlorssen is a film producer and human right activist who has largely contributed in the fields of individual rights, public policy, and pro-democracy advocacy. Thor Havlorssen was born on 9th March 1976 in Venezuela and has two siblings. The forty-year-old has fought for human rights on various forums.

He is the found various forums that have had annual gatherings on his mission to search freedom for humanity. He is the proud founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum and the president of the Human Right’s Foundation both which are devoted to seeking for human rights and freedom. The forums have become widely known, and human rights reporters hardly miss them.

Thor Havlorssen is the patron of the Czech-based peace movement that fights for children rights and freedom. He founded the moving picture Institute by his own. In May 2010, he bought the Norwegian news magazine so as to aid in spreading his message of freedom.

He has also featured in the New York Times, The Washington post, Nation Journal and also on several television outlets such as Al- Jazeera and BBC News where his opinions have been aired. It is believed that Thor Havlorssen desire to push for human rights was after his mother was shot while protesting and his imprisoned for investigating on money laundering and exposing government corruption dealings.

Learn more about Thor Halvorssen: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/thor-halvorssen#/entity

Thor Halvorssen Human Rights Advocate

When you know a little about his ancestry it’s no wonder Thor Halvorssen is one of the leading human rights activists on the planet. Born in Caracas, Venezuelan in 1976 he is Norwegian and Venezuelan.

His paternal grandfather diverted Norway’s merchant fleet to Venezuela, rather than have it fall into German hands, at the start of World War II. His mother is Venezuelan, and a descendant of the first president of Venezuela. Thor’s parents have fought for human rights their entire lives.

In 2005 Thor founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) where he now serves as president. Working with a small staff of only a dozen, Thor Halvorssen and his associates seek to put a spotlight on authoritarian regimes around the world.

The foundation’s goal is to give a voice to political prisoners and dissidents wherever they might be. Knowing half of the world’s population live under some form of suppression offers HRF more than enough opportunities to fight for human rights.

Accoridng to Crunchbase, Thor Halvorssen attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude with degrees in Political Science and History. Considered an expert on human rights he has lectured at many highly thought of organizations such as the Harvard Law School, the United Nations Association, and British parliament.

In 1999 Thor was instrumental in convincing Lucent Technologies to adopt an anti-slave labor policy that would require China to certify that the use of slave labor not be permitted in the manufacturing of their products.

Also, in 1999 Halvorssen became the CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). FIRE is a U.S. civil liberties organization that brings together other advocacy agencies such as the Heritage Foundation, Feminists for Free Expression, and ACLU.

Thor Halvorssen has authored many articles regarding human rights, published in the Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post, and The National Review to mention only a few. Halvorssen is also a well-known filmmaker having made several films, again focusing on human rights.

Very few individuals in this world have contributed as much to the human rights movement as Thor Halvorssen.

Is EOS a Better Brand than Chapstick?

Evolution of Smooth, better known simply as EOS, is a relatively new brand, with a history spanning back for seven years. The brand produces lip balms designed to engage the senses, offering flavorful, aromatic balms in exciting and fun-shaped containers. The lip balms actually work to reduce chapped lips and create soft, kissable lips all year long.

A Seven-Year Feat

Would you believe that, in just seven years, EOS was able to beat out Chapstick for the top spot on the lip balm sales chart? Chapstick is a lip balm company that’s been around since your grandma’s grandmother’s grandmas was alive; always a trusted name. The proof is in the pudding (or shall we say the tub,) however, and as times evolve, so do the brands that we trust.

The Top Two Lip Balms

Although Burt’s Bees ranked as the top-selling lip balm, EOS came in a close second to the brand. Both Chapstick and Blistex, two brands with quite the history, ranked after these two relatively new brands.

What can EOS do for your Lips?

If you’ve yet to discover the EOS brand for yourself, maybe the time has come to put down the tube of Chapstick and make the move. It is time to toss traditions out the door and evolve into someone that trusts the new and improved lip balms! Get these products from your local Walmart store or thru online retailers ULTA and eBay.

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Norka Luque Comes Back Smaller and Bigger Than Ever

After making an astounding comeback Norka Luque is thinner, healthier, and back singing award winning music. Although Norka had a big hit with her first big hit, Miracle, she has faced some personal challenges that almost halted her budding entertainment career. Excessive weight gain became the interfering problem for her. But, she faced the problem head on and got a personal trainer. Her trainer put her on a diet and intense exercise regimes. The weight came off and Norka’s health got better and now she looks very attractive.


Those problems are all behind the singer and she hopes to return to international stardom with new music. She has a new outlook, better ability to cope with such overwhelming stardom, and a great positive attitude. And, she now has a mentor in her friend, superstar performer Emilio Estefan. Her star in the U.S. is on the rise. The Dance Club mix of Milagro started at #42 on the Billboard Charts. Within one week, it had jumped to a ranking of only #29. Earlier in 2016 NorkaLuque was honored to be nominated for the prestigious Lo Nuestro Award for the Female Pop Artist of the Year!


Norka’s comeback started with solving her weight problems. She has been riding the entertainment world’s crazy roller coaster ever since her first song, Como Lo HacesTu, made so much of a splash. Her appeal launched out to the whole world with her second hit, Milagro. Many millions love this sophomore effort by NorkaLuque. The song got #11 on the Billboard Dance Charts. Milagro, which means ‘Miracle’ in English, is still a top seller on Venezuela’s local music chart.


The famous music composer, Archie Peña, wrote that song. On the Record Report’s pop and salsa charts Milagro remained #1 for years. Peña’s club mix that he made with Dominican El Cat has become the most popular version of Milagro. He had also done other versions of the song with the great Luis Giraldo and Cuco Peña. Archie Peña has mastered most of NorkaLuque’s albums, which are renowned for the layers of sound, engineered by the Gaitan Brothers. His help to Norka’s career is incalculable.

Helane Morrison Brings Sanity in the Corporate World

It is quite difficult to maintain the right ethical integrity all the time throughout their entire lifetime. Only a few people have managed to do this, and they command a lot of respect from everyone. It’s obvious that everyone has a desire to do the right things always because we all know the importance of doing the right things and following the rules. However, not all people have enough character to always keep themselves on the right track. This is actually very challenging especially in the finance and business sector in an organization. For an organization that has only managed to soil reputation all the time from 2000, it can be very difficult to help turn things in to normal and also ensure that you thrive in such an environment. The person who can be able to achieve such a role is a gem and hard to find. One such individual is Helane Morrison.


She started her successful career in journalism, and through hard work and values, she managed to serve in the government too. She has maintained her principles to remain honest in all ways, regardless of the department she works in. She has also been very instrumental in preventing corruption. She has also been very steady in protecting the lives of the vulnerable in the industry she works too. Her focus has been mainly in the exposure of corrupt people in the workplace and also revolutionizing finances in industries, and she has done this to the best of her knowledge. She is recognized as one of the most influential people that have made a change in the industry in the modern world. She is very determined, exceeding influential and very powerful, in making her dream come true. The lawyer has been doing this for over thirty years, and she still wants to do more.


For the last three years, the successful player has been directing the enforcement program at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and while working here as the office administrator, she plans to be as aggressive as possible to ensure that everything is done well and that all rules are adhered to. She has been the first woman to hold the position of a district chief in the area, and she is proving that women can do very well in the male-dominated industry. She is also among the best performers in the industry. Using her influence and power, she has ensured that all things are done in the right way.

Chopper Trading’s Success Under The Leadership Of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando has extensive knowledge on financial markets. He is the proprietor of Chopper Trading. Raj is aware of the bustling, intense, and stressful nature of trading. To this end, the CEO appreciates the need to have a favorable working environment for the employees. This is because it enables his team of 150 employees to get along in the 3,000-square-foot office. Chopper Trading embraces a rigorous hiring process. This unique recruitment strategy is distinct from that used by other organizations. The process aims at getting the ideal employees that are likely to work and retire from the firm. His prime objective is to have employees that will identify with the goals of the organization. Chopper’s recruiting team has expansive experience in identifying the perfect candidates to fill different positions in the company. This information was originally mentioned on SBN Online as explained in the following link http://www.sbnonline.com/article/raj-fernando-gets-the-best-at-chopper-trading/

About Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando is the founder and chief executive officer of Scoutahead. He has excellent leadership skills. Under his stewardship, Chopper Trading recorded low staff turnover. In addition, he improved operations and ensured that employees interact within the workplace by engaging in different extra-curricular activities. This strategy saw the firm rank as one of the largest global exchanges. This success highlights Fernando’s knowledge in the financial industry. Raj is conversant with international financial markets in addition to technological innovation. Moreover, he has been heavily involved in enhancing policies of different organizations. Fernando’s love for conservation and music has seen him serve on numerous Board of Trustees, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He has also been on the Board of Directors for PAWS Chicago, which provides shelter to homeless animals.

Fernando is a graduate of the esteemed Beloit College. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and History. Raj began his financial career while still in college. He started as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he performed exemplary, thus earning himself a promotion to various position. He worked his way up and become a member of the Chicago Board of Trade. Raj has contributed immensely to the success of the U.S. Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC). The entity provides the public with transparent, competitive, and financially sound markets. This information was originally mentioned on Markets Wiki as expounded in the link below http://www.marketswiki.com/wiki/Raj_Fernando.

Magnises Provides Exclusive Benefits to Millennial Members

Founded in 2014 by college drop-out and entrepreneur, Billy McFarland, Magnises is a private club for elite millennials. They want to assist members build the perfect network. Each member gets a personalized black card, which gives the young professionals special access to events and deals in some of the largest cities, including New York City and Washington, DC.

The member’s car can be linked to your bank and credit card for payment, but the biggest benefit is the perks that come along with the owning the member’s card. The Magnises card gets members discounts at bars, clubs, restaurants, and also gives members access to reserving special experiences like private concerts and getaways.

The company on angel.co brings the benefits of online social networking, like immediacy, accessibility and interaction into millennial’s real-life world. It combines the digital and physical layer over the city.

At first, the members-only card was designed to look like the exclusive American Express Black Card, even though the Magnises card only copies the information on a pre-existing debit or credit card. Very quickly, the company’s offerings expanded, giving members VIP club access, a virtual assistance, hotel discounts, private member spaces and secret restaurant menus in secret dining rooms. Magnises’ founder, Billy McFarland, created the company to represent the idea of leveling up his members’ lives.

The entire membership is only $250. If a member goes to a hockey game with front row seats and an open bar, for example, the membership pays for itself. Members also appreciate the virtual assistant on Crunchbase, which can be used for things like booking a restaurant while you’re busy doing other things.

Membership isn’t open to everyone however. Those interested must apply for the opportunity of owning a Magnises card. The membership base is created to blend a mix between genders and industries and membership is currently in high demand. In early 2016, Magnises has taken on $4 million in investment and expects around $5 million in revenue for the current year.

Members find that the best value is in the community of members. Members get a good mix of networking with different people from different industries from the arts to finance. Magnises always informs members about the latest hip spots; it can recommend new activities and can even make introductions for you to different people. Magnises provides functional software for members’ social and professional life.

Most people are curious how Magnises make its money since their membership price seems slight in comparison to the member benefits. The majority of Magnises revenue comes from providing an interface between the millennials and brands. Companies pay a pretty penny to host branded events for Magnises’ members, who may not even be aware that they are being advertised to.

Magnises has created a new way of marketing. This exclusive club provides authenticity not provided by Facebook or Twitter, joining lifestyle and brands to create the perfect social lifestyle for millennials.

CEO and Visionary Brad Reifler


When it comes to modern day executives, it is rare to find one with some determination and experience as Brad Reifler. As a serial entrepreneur, Reifler is a shining light in a world where business can get quite competitive. Reifler founded Forefront advisory. He is also partner at CIFCO International. He is the CEO of Forefront Capital as well, since 2009.


Before that, Brad Reifler was the chairman and CEO of Pali capital for over 10 years until 2008, when CrunchBase shows he sold the company. He was the senior managing director during his time there. Back before that, Reifler had founded Reifler Trading Corp. in 1982. Ten years later, he formed his own capital management group called Reifler Capital Management. He was the head of the sales desk there, dealing with foreign exchange, clients, institutional accounts, derivatives, and creating special programs for high net worth individuals and organizations.


Brad Reifler also helps Symetry Property Development as the director of that LLC and of ITG Marketing Research Inc. and ROOT Exchange. He has been a part of many different advisory boards and boards in general, such as the European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and at Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp as an independent director. He went to Bowdoin college where he got his bachelors degree.


His current firm has pledged to donate $3 million to a non profit called Seals Dixon Center which helps veterans everywhere in the nation. They act locally as well, helping veterans and their military families access solutions like education, healthcare, and employment. When asked for comment, Reifler said that the reason they did it was to make a big difference in the lives of veterans and military families and also help his clients with their financial lives too.


Among the services offered, and funded by the $3 million, are job training, caregiver training, education, and health services. The company is proud to give to the charity, and the charity is proud to be associated with Forefront Capital, a spokesperson said in a press release. They predict it will help more stable communities develop because more veterans will have access to the kind of growth needed, thanks to Brad Reifler.

Read Brad’s newest HuffingtonPost article, or see what he has to say in real time on Twitter.

Reasons Why You Should Be Using EOS Lip Balm

Using lip balm has several advantages. First, chapped and dry lips heal faster after lip balm is applied. Secondly, many lip balms contain an SPF to block some of the sun’s harmful rays. Lip balms also make lips appear fuller by moisturizing them and giving them a more youthful look. Lastly, chapped lips can be embarrassing, so wearing lip balm makes wearers feel more confident.

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a popular lip balm that many people rave about. One of the main reasons that it gets great reviews from users is that it is very hygienic. EOS’ sphere-shaped container keeps out germs and dirt more efficiently than the twist up containers of competitors.

Fans of Evolution of Smooth choose the lip balm product, because it uses only natural and organic products. In addition, while many cosmetic companies test their products on animals, EOS is never tested on animals. Balm users care about what they put on their lips, so using EOS can alleviate any worries they have. EOS lip balms consist of shea butter, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. The products are hypoallergenic and free of petroleum and paraben.

Daily hydration and sun protection are some key reasons that people should use lip balm. However, not all lip balms are natural, free from animal testing, and offer utmost cleanliness like Evolution of Smooth. To learn more, visit the product’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Product link: http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos

Success Is Counted In Different Ways By Thor Halvorssen

Major North American human rights groups have recently been shifting their focus to problems within the borders of the U.S. where important work has been completed regarding prison inmates and minority groups. The founder of New York based activism group the Human Rights Foundation, Thor is pleased such important work has been completed as he feels this allows he and his group to explore the problems facing those trapped in oppressive and closed societies.

Thor Halvorssen points to the number of political prisoners the Human Rights Foundation has freed over the course of its life which began in 2005, but refuses to be drawn into writing long reports about problems in democratic countries.

However, Thor Halvorssen is an individual who is not simply happy to sit on the sidelines and watch others do the work that may place them in harms way; Halvorssen has previously traveled to Vietnam and been beaten up by government officials after interviewing a political prisoner held under house arrest for over a decade.

Success for Thor Halvorssen comes in many different ways in terms of the human rights activism he has been a part of since his adolescence, including his first steps into activism with a sit in at a major corporation regarding Chinese slave labor policies. Halvorssen has spent the following years building a growing influence over the human rights activism industry that continues to the increase into the present day.

The work of Thor Halvorssen has crossed borders and led to many of those who were trapped in closed societies to freedom around the world. A major area of concern for Thor Halvorssen is that of Russia, where the Venezuelan has become an outspoken critic of President Vladimir Putin; by supporting activists such as the band Pussy Riot and former chess champion Gary Kasparov, Halvorssen has become a target himself, but continues his fight to bring social justice to these areas of the world.

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