Forefront Capital Seeks to Expand Investment Opportunity to Middle-Class

Since the financial crisis of 2008, the increasing income gap between the highest earning households in the United States and the rest of country, known as the 99 percent, has been growing in public conversation lately. Many are concerned because this disparity has huge consequences for the country’s economic future. It has been suggested that this income or rather wealth gap is because of investment opportunities available only to high-earning households. Forefront Capital and its founding CEO Brad Reifler seek to change that.

For much of his career and as Wikipedia shows, Reifler’s expertise was geared toward accredited investors. These are households with an annual income in excess of $200,000 a year and/or a net worth greater than one million. The standards and options available to these households are more flexible and very different from what most middle-class Americans have access to. This flexibility has allowed accredited investors to have much higher rate of return on their investments. These rates are significantly higher than those achieved by traditional investment structures like pensions or a 401k.

For Brad Reifler, the awareness of this difference was not just a professional observation as the CEO of the Forefront Capital. It was a personal one. He spoke of being approached by his father in law who wanted him to invest the life savings he accumulated over 35 years as a small business owner. Reifler quickly realized that the approach used for previous clients could not be used for his father in law because he didn’t fit the requirements of an accredited investor. This led him to create the Forefront Income Trust. Among the features of this fund is the minimum of $2500 to become a client. Such a low minimum makes access of this fund to middle-class Americans a real option.

Several features separate the Forefront Investment Trust from traditional investments available to the middle-class is structure. Unlike an IRA or 401k, the Forefront Investment Trust is not interdependent on the stock market. This allows for a more diverse, robust strategy that increases the potential of greater returns. Another attractive feature of Forefront Investment Trust is the stated position of the company founder and CEO, Brad Reifler. He has made it clear that the company does not make money until the client makes an eight percent return. “We want to be a firm for the people,” says Reifler.

With over 30 years of experience, Brad Reifler certainly has the resume to back his position. In 1982, he founded his own trading company after graduating from Bowdoin College. So successful was this venture that it was brought by and even larger company Refco. From there he went on to found Pali Capital where he served as Chairman and CEO for 13 years. On social media, Brad Reifler has gained respect for his pushing financial education among the middle class. He received lots of press attention for an article in Reuters titled “Brad Reifler’s Five Tips for Investing

How to Write a Proper Wikipedia Page

In this day and age, information is a resource. It is one of the most vital of resources, and one of the best places to get information is Wikipedia. That is no secret, and it is also no secret that Wikipedia is an open community resource site. That basically means that anybody can create or edit a Wikipedia page, but there is one particular website that is the most beneficial when writing a Wikipedia page. This website is called

This magnificent website is extremely helpful. They offer help with their Wikipedia writers for hire, and they have some veteran Wikipedia page writers that will work with you every step of the way. These veterans will review your page, revise your work, and offer suggestions to maximize efficiency. Not only will they help revise it, but they will see to it that it is one of the first search engine links to pop up. This website will, as an added bonus, translate your page into several different languages so that you may reach a broader audience.

All of this is fine and dandy, but the real deal comes in the form of the monitoring system that offers. This is put in place to keep out all of the unwanted or inappropriate content that may be put into your page. Wikipedia is, after all, an open community, so almost anyone has the power to edit and change your page. The monitoring system that is put in place will help to minimize the unwanted edits and add-ins.

When creating a Wikipedia page, a writer must always maintain a level of maturity. A writer must remember that your audience is world-wide and of all ages. This means do not post anything that is racist, sexist, inappropriate, discriminatory, or inaccurate. The writer is responsible for his pages and edits, and should always take care to keep the posts at an unbiased level.

The writer should also be aware of references. Wikipedia loves references, and they believe that credit should be given where it is due. As a writer, you don’t want to plagiarize another work. You should always cite the author and make sure that they receive the recognition they deserve.

CipherCloud Secures Private Data

Every business in the world has been encouraged to adopt a cloud storage system for documents, but the cloud must be managed by a firm that works solely on cloud-based storage. CipherCloud is a cloud security and adoption company that helps with these issues, and their company is committed to locking down the security for every client. Cloud servers help create mass storage options, but CipherCloud is needed to ensure the highest level of security.

#1: How Does CipherCloud Provide This Service?

CipherCloud works remotely with each client to create security details for each cloud service. Cloud storage can be vulnerable when not managed properly, and CipherCloud creates its own security protocols for each clients. Clients are provided with passwords that allow access to the cloud, and the cloud has security apps installed for easy detection of threats.

#2: Threat Alerts

Threat alert apps help clients receive alerts to attempted hacking and security threats. CipherCloud is a full-service company that will check on the status of any threats, and clients may contact CipherCloud for service when they suspect foul play. CipherCloud is watching over each client account at all times, and someone on the CipherCloud team is prepared to handle a security breach when it occurs. Security breaches are shut down quickly when they occur, and the CipherCloud team will work to repair any damage that happens during a breach.

#3: Setting Up New Clouds

Cipher Cloud is prepared to set up a new cloud server for every client that needs one. Certain servers can multiply their space over time, and CipherCloud will help clients get all the space they need for their businesses. CipherCloud charges a monthly fee for cloud management, and there is an additional fee for security services. The two services together help businesses protect their information, and CipherCloud is ready to offer more cloud storage space when needed.

#4: CipherCloud Is Fair

CipherCloud charges fair prices for every client account. Small and medium size businesses that cannot afford to spend millions of dollars a year on cloud storage, and CipherCloud provides a million-dollar experience for a fraction of the cost that large corporations incur. Cloud services allow workers to handle their business remotely, and offices in different parts of the country can share documents using the clouds created by CipherCloud.

The CipherCloud team is prepared to create a new cloud and security profile for each of their clients. Clients who need storage space may order the storage space size they need, and CipherCloud will create a security profile to assist each client with their security needs. Documents are protected from intrusion, and the client receives all the storage space that is needed to manage their business effectively.

Climbing the Corporate Ladder with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla of the Pittsburgh Steelers is a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur who has also had some experience in rising through the ranks in a larger corporation. Formerly the president of American Eagle McGalla is no stranger to hard work. A great deal of her success can be attributed to the mindset she developed growing up.

Being the only sister to two brothers and a father who was a football coach left the young McGalla growing up in a decidedly masculine atmosphere. However, she was never cut any slack due to her gender whether that be roughhousing with her brothers or trying to speak her mind to the family. This egalitarian treatment made her realize that no matter if she was a man or a woman she would have to speak with confidence to be heard. More than that she could not be intimidated to go for what she wanted simply because someone else thought it too difficult or even impossible.

After graduating, according to ireport.cnn, McGalla attended Mount Union where she studied business and marketing. She received her first job out of college at the Joseph Home Company where she served in a variety of roles for the next eight years. however, her career did not truly begin until she started working for American Eagle.

At the time many would have thought it foolish, or even impossible for a young woman to think that she could climb the ranks at such a male dominated company. When McGalla first started there were exactly zero women on the board or the executive team, but the determine professional sought out to change that.

Due to her excellent performance, hard work, and great ideas McGalla quickly began rising through the ranks. It did not take long until she had moved from the divisional merchandiser for women’s clothing to the president and chief merchandising officer of the company’s flagship store. As she ascended the ranks she became part of a culture change where women were increasingly obtaining more and more power within the company to the point where everyone became equals. Gender mattered less and less and ideas were what was important.

McGalla fully disproved the naysayers when she became president and chief merchandising officer of the entire company. This left her in charge of $3 billion in annual revenue, four different brands, and an online store. During this time period she also helped release two new brands, aerie and 77kids.

Having reached the top it did not take long until the work-hungry McGalla began looking for new opportunities. She eventually set up her own consulting practice and currently does work for clients mainly in the retail and finance sectors. She provides services in areas including branding, marketing, and operational efficiencies. Thanks to her years of experience within the retail industry McGalla is now able to call her own shots at P3 Executive Consulting.

Why You Need To Hire A Company for Advertising in Brazil

Every business person who is serious about giving his or her products visibility and a bigger market should definitely consider advertising the products. Advertising not only makes the target clientele aware of the presence of the products in the market but also provides options for buyers out there. Very many people usually end up not purchasing products because they are unaware of their existence or even use.

A business owner who decides to advertise products has very many options on how to go about it. The entrepreneur can print out fliers and brochures for distribution to the potential clients. Advertising can also be done by word-of-mouth whereby the message about new or existing products is passed around verbally. However, it is agreeable that taking up the task of advertising and doing it by yourself is very tiring. This is why you need to hire an expert to do it for you.

Many advantages arise from hiring an advertising company to do the advertising job for a business. One of the greatest benefits is saving on publicity costs. Many people are usually afraid that paying a company to perform the advertising function for a business is costly. This is not the case especially in the long-run. You are likely to save up on so much money because the publicity methods that a company chooses are precise and effective. The techniques applied by such companies are usually already tried, tested and proven to work. This means that you will not be playing a game of chance with the company.

Another advantage that arises from working with a company is that the task of doing the advertising by yourself is lifted from your shoulders. All the stress and trouble of thinking of creative ways to market your products will not be yours anymore. The company will take up the entire job and all you will be left worrying about is how your business is doing. If you really think about it, you will be lifting a very huge burden from your shoulders if you hire a company to advertise your products for you.

One great company to work with in Brazil is Heads Propaganda. This is a company owned by Cláudio Loureiro who has vast experience in the advertising business. Claudio has worked on a great variety of assignments from clients and has successfully provided their businesses with the exposure and publicity they needed. A company like Heads Propaganda is what you need to drive your business forward.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Beneful Dog Food

Animals can really be our friends. They can even many times be more than our friends. As members of our families we treat our pet companions with just as much love as any member of our family. Pet health is something that has been looked into more and more as time goes on. Pet food companies are dedicated to bringing healthier products to our animal companions. This is much different than it used to be with many of the ingredients being changed for the food that is being fed to our animals.

There used to be many additives when it came to pet foods. These were unhealthy substitutes that would harm our animal friends. There is a shift in the pet food world to go away from these unhealthy ingredients. These ingredients are being swapped out for healthier alternatives that are much more natural. These natural ingredients are much more acceptable to pet owners now and they focus much more on the health of pets. This shift is being adopted by many of the large pet food companies. Dog health is a newer field that has been gaining a lot of great attention. This shift in the dog food industry is something that is making a big difference overall.

Beneful is a company that has really headed this whole movement for pet health. They have prided themselves on using only the healthiest ingredients in their dog foods. This is something that has become the very forefront of their company. At the center of all of their marketing is the focus on health. The latest marketing push has been the attention on the fact that all of the employees of Beneful on walmart choose this very pet food to feed their animals.

Having such a large brand as Purina push towards healthier pet food is a great step in the right direction. This will be a breath of fresh air in an industry where there are far too many corners cut. Purina will be setting the bar high for all other competitors in the marketplace. Purina has been at the head of the pet food industry for many years and continues to positions themselves at the head of the pack. With their attention to detail, it is easy to see that they will most likely hold their leadership position with their great morals intact. Animals are very important to all of us and we should do everything we can to help maintain their health.

How Dan Newlin Has Changed Florida Injury Law Scene

Dan Newlin is a renowned Florida injury attorney. His popularity has been attributed mainly to his expertise in the field that has helped some injury victims receive settlements running into millions of dollars. He is the founder of Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The law firm is one of the most respected injury law firms in Florida.

Dan Newlin initially worked with the police department before receiving a law degree scholarship. In the police department, he worked in various posts. He received many awards in the area especially as a criminal investigator.
After graduating from the law school, Dan decided to use his newly acquired knowledge to help injury victims get full compensations for their injuries. After several successful cases, he founded Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The new firm employed a number of experienced injury attorneys to help it attend to more clients.

Through his firm, Dan has helped accident victims to receive a combined total of over $150 million in settlements. Some of these settlements have been outstanding such as a $6 million settlement for a child who was critically injured. The recent $100 million settlement for a girl who was paralyzed by a stray bullet from a criminal is another outstanding case that has been handled by the firm.

In attempts to ensure the public is aware of the services offered by his firm, Dan Newlin has been doing lots of radio, television and print media ads. Apart from these ads, he has also been using online platform to reach people who might need the services of the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. His firm is the first one to have a personalized abbreviated dialing code. The dialing code, #Dan, can be used to reach the firm directly rather than using the traditional ten digit phone number of the firm.

Dan understands the financial complications associated with accidents and, therefore, started a service where clients only pay if the firm wins the case for them. The fee charged by Dan Newlin is a small portion of the settlement to ensure the victims actually get to benefit from the settlement. Injury cases handled by the firm include injuries from car, motorcycle and trailer accidents.

Dan Newlin’s injury law services continue to benefit injury victims in the state of Florida. He remains dedicated to ensuring reasonable settlements to the victims, and works hard to make it a success. Injury victims in Florida can reach his firm by dialing #Dan.

Purina Is The Brand That Dogs Get Excited About

I have a lot of experience with different types of dog foods down through the years. As my dogs have grown from puppies to full-sized dogs I have realized that there are some brands that are limited in the nutrients that these foods provide. I have realized that the one and only true brand that fits a variety of dogs is Purina. This is an excellent brand of dog food that is just right for anyone that may have been searching for that brand that your dog can grow with it.

It has been wonderful for me to discover like Purina. It has allowed me to have a variety of choices as my dogs matured from puppies to make
full grown dogs. This is one of those brands that people consider when they are looking for something is both affordable and effective. What I believe that the creators of this Purina dog food have managed to do is create something that dogs will actually look forward to. This is rare because most of the dog food on the market is rather plain. There are some dog foods to have a selection of flavors but most of those competitors against Purina will not have the smorgasbord of flavors that I found with the Purina brand. That is why so many people have considered this brand as one of the best for dogs of varying sizes.

Now that my dogs are full-sized pit bulls they are prone to eat a whole lot more. The great thing about using this brand of dog food is that it is very affordable. I can buy this in bulk and get it at great prices. Purina is a brand that I never have to worry about losing money on. It never goes to waste because my dogs are always interested in the meals from this pet food. I don’t mind buying a month’s worth of Purina Beneful pet food because I know that it is going to be one of the very best brands that a dog owner can purchase.

There are quite a few dog foods that have tried to compete with Purina, but I have not been convinced about switching to any of these competitors. The fact of the matter is that I am rather confident in the value and the quality that I get from the Purina Beneful brand.

Anyone that has a dog that has not considered what does Purina has to offer is truly missing out. With this brand of petfood consumers can save a lot of money overtime. Purina has a lot of different flavors so there may be some trial and error at first. One can rest a sure, however, there is something that all dogs will like. There are so many different flavors that it would be almost impossible for a dog to turn down the writing that is available. Even I have been impressed with all the different types of dog food brands that are currently on the market.

The Growth of CCMP Capital and the Contributions of Stephen Murray

In the financial sector, the need for a professional that can advise on investment ventures and opportunities is quite high. This need has triggered the rise of investment firms such as CCMP Capital. It is a private equity firm that specializes in growth equity investments and buyout in various companies in Europe, Asia and North America. By using excellent administration teams, it has been able to integrate its vast industrial knowledge and resources to propel the company’s growth and efficiency in its operations.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has undergone various name transitions in the past .This transition was as a result of the several acquisitions over the years. The company started out with the name Chemical Venture Partners, which was the capital arm of the Chemical Bank. In 1996, the company acquired Chase Manhattan Bank and changed its name to Chase Capital Partners. Consequently, the company followed the same trend after acquiring J.P.Morgan & Co to form J.P.Morgan Chase. Later, this name was changed to JP Morgan Partners.

On separation of JPMorgan Chase and JPMorgan Partners, the firm adopted a new name to form CCMP. This is an acronym that refers to the previous transitions. CCMP stands for: Chemical Ventures, Chase Capital, Manufacturers Hanover Capital/J.P.Morgan, and Partners. The company came to be in 2006 to continue the great work of its predecessors in the investment sector.

The firm according to wallstreejournal has in the past been graded as #17 among the largest global private equity funds in 2007.Subsequently, the firm successfully completed its fundraising with $3.4 billion from institutional and firm investors in the same year. In addition, the company has in the previous years engaged in the sale of various firms such as the Medpace, a pharmaceutical contract organization, for around $900 million to Cinven.

In addition, the firm has concentrations in various fields that include the retail, consumer, media, energy, healthcare, telecom, infrastructure and services. For instance in the media sector, the company specializes in broadcasting, cable, content, trade publishing, and wireline and wireless communication. For companies valued in the range of $500 million to $3 billion, CCMP invests between $100 and $500 million in them.

For a firm to grow, it requires the leadership, expertise of its leader .Stephen Murray has been the driving force behind CCMP Capital since 1989 to 2015.In addition to being the former president, and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital, he held other lead roles in various companies as a board member. The various board seats include Octagon Credit Investors, Strongwood Insurance Holdings and LHP Hospital Group.

Majeed Ekbal, Reshaping the Chicago Investment Scene with other Business and Marketing Leaders

Many startups companies have come up surpassing statistics of each previous year. For the longest time, many investors overlooked Chicago despite the area having many untapped investment opportunities. Those who planned to establish new ventures had to move elsewhere but that is not the case anymore. Business and marketing leaders within Chicago have built a strong relationships and collaboration networks that have resulted in the resurgence of investments in the Chicago area.
According to Built in Chicago, the year 2012 saw 367 startups in the digital sector underlying the important role the sector has played in shaping the investment landscape. Many of the startups were inspired by the Groupon fast rise, which put Chicago on the global business map. The opportunities provided by angel investors have greatly contributed in enabling business people in Chicago to make considerable investments. Their efforts are boosted by the Universities in the area like the University of Chicago that has aligned and transformed their programs on entrepreneurship.
The year 2014 saw many of the Chicago businesses make huge profits, a trend that continued ever since. According to the projections made by the Annual Innovation Economic Outlook of the Silicon Valley Bank, the trend is expected to be better as the year closes. Early this year, the Magnificent Mile Association held its annual meeting to start its centennial year. Many of the business and marketing leaders attended the meeting showing the close working relationship that they have embraced over the years. The attending members of the business community recognized the contributions made by outgoing members of Magnificent Mile Association. They also inducted new leaders to the board of directors of the association.
There are new marketing and sales methods that have been employed in accessing financing from investors. Many companies have been able to retain their workforce through improving their brand perception and offering training to the people. One of the people well versed in this area is Majeed Ekbal. He is a versatile, skillful, and talented person having a vast experience as an entrepreneur and marketing executive that spans several decades.
Majeed Ekbal is the founder of Expresso, a company that purchases and delivers groceries. The company undertakes this functions on behalf of its customers by delivering the products to them within a given a period. Prior to starting Expresso, Majeed Ekbal is a Chicago businessman who operated an overseas investment company. Presently, he serves as the brand and client relations manager for Razorfish, a marketing and public relations company. Majeed Ekbal is a graduate of the popular American University in Washington.

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