How Clay Hutson Rose From His Comfort Zone to Venture in Business

Clay Hutson has always been a fan of music ever since his childhood days. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University in theater design. Clay also has a master’s degree in business administration from the famous Stephen M. Ross School of Business. Upon graduation, Clay Hutson was very vibrant in the live entertainment industry where he rose to significant positions in the companies he operated with. For some time he worked as a sound engineer and project manager. In some other extents, Clay was involved in the sound team of Billy Graham that caused him to travel a lot with him on the meetings he would hold in different countries. After those years in the different area, Clay Hutson finally decided to settle in the music industry. His primary interest was rock “n” roll. Having been exposed to various platforms in the area of sound engineering, live entertainment management, and live performances, Clay Hutson felt equipped enough to start a business. By nature, Clay was an entrepreneur. He decided to pursue this line with a passion.


Clay Hutson has established business with a clean name and reputation that has brought many other clients on board. He has crisscrossed with many musicians some of who are very renowned. He has as well visited Australia and North America in pursuit f his passion. He is currently settled in his business managing, and producing concerts for the clients who are most well-known musicians. When he is not involved at work, Clay will enjoy having quality time with his family alongside run projects on designing and woodworking.


Through an interview on inspirery, Clay shares the primary inspiration that lends him to initiate a business. He says that he had gathered so much knowledge, skills, and experience in live entertainment, sound engineering, and tour production, which made him feel sufficient at some level. Through the positions in the previous times, Cla5y was able to learn some lessons and skills that were handy in the pursuit of business. He wanted to be away from struggling companies and have a new job of his. It took faith to make the step. Clay’s source of money and income is generally through the services of rigging, live production, and sound engineering among others. He avails services such as production management, production design, and logistics management, which has gathered him, various customers. He prides in having found good customers in a tough economy. This encouraged him to continue pursuing. Learn more:


Michael Burwell is a certified public accountant and attended Michigan State, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. He worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC (PwC) for thirty-one years serving in various departments, then as U.S. Transaction Services Leader. He then became the Chief Operating Officer in U.S. business, and finally the Vice Chairman Global for PwC. Michael Burwell’s leadership and organizational skills helped prepare him for his current role as Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, a top global advisory brokerage solutions company.


Willis Towers Watson employs forty-thousand people in one hundred forty countries. The company helps clients who engage in risky ventures turn them into patterns of growth. Combining assets, ideas and talent for solutions helps make businesses grow and thrive, along with technology to support the business.


Willis Towers Watson looks at other companies to get a clear picture of what they’re all about, such as how their goals and challenges work to achieve positive results. They also take steps socially by helping in community activities and protecting the environment in the following ways:


  1. Giving charitable gifts
  2. Improving energy efficiency
  3. Purchasing environmentally friendly products
  4. Encouraging associates to volunteer in worthwhile programs


In an interview Michael Burwell took part in, he was asked what his typical day consisted of. He said he gets up at 5:00 a.m. and makes his bed every day, even when traveling. It makes him feel he’s doing something worthwhile starting his day. He then gets on his stationary bike and thinks about what he can achieve that day.


Michael teaches the importance of doing more with less, making sure his staff takes the time to be good listeners, learning from other’s ideas, building their network and using technology as a way to be more productive. Communicating with one another is vital, as well as being positive and sticking with what you know will work. He knows they’re not always winners in their decisions, so when they lose, he wants his staff to ask the question, “What one thing could we have done better?”


Willis Towers Watson has been on the list of one of the top most admired companies in the world four years in a row. His favorite quote, “There is only one place to look for leadership and that is in the mirror,” came from his daughter. He lives by it and knows others can too.


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OSI Group: Neighborhood Butcher Rides Whirlwind to International Stature

OSI Group: Neighborhood Butcher Rides Whirlwind to International Stature

Today OSI Group is an international food-supply conglomerate. It is the 58th largest US Company, supplying food to the US, Europe, South America, and Asian nations in the Pacific Rim, including wholly-owned-foreign-enterprises (WFOE’s) in China. OSI Group has a substantial presence in Taiwan and the Philipines as well.

In addition to McDonald’s, they serve a variety of well-known names in food service, among them: Yum, Burger King, Papa John’s, and Subway. OSI’s origin story is fascinating. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group.

In 1909, Chicago had long had a thriving community of German immigrants. Among them was an enterprising small-time butcher-shop proprietor by the name of Otto Kolschowsky.

Whatever it is that allows some men to thrive at commerce while others flounder, the future founder of OSI had it. Within a decade his retail business had prospered enough that he switched to the wholesale trade.

And for some decades thereafter, Otto and Sons, the ‘O’ and ‘S’ in OSI, prospered at their well-managed, but strictly local, wholesale business. But the founder of what was to become the OSI Group was about to be swept up in a whirlwind of growth.

In 1955, Ray Kroc of McDonald’s fame was keen on the relatively new idea of selling franchises. Ray decided to open the first McDonald’s franchise in Des Plaines, Il.

Before opening that first franchise store, Ray displaying the foresight common to successful businessmen, realized he needed a steady and reliable source of meat. It was then that Otto’s reputation for reliability caught Ray Kroc’s eye. Otto and Son’s became Ray’s wholesale meat supplier. Otto and Sons grew in lockstep with McDonald’s at a breakneck pace.

In the sixties, cryogenic processing of hamburger patties, also known as flash freezing, was a new technology Otto and Sons quickly adopted to satisfy Ray Kroc’s insistence on a consistent taste and texture in his burgers, no matter if the customer bought that burger in California or Chicago.

In 1973, Otto and Sons built the first plant whose products were exclusively produced for McDonald’s. In 1975, Otto and Sons became the OSI Group, and they folded all non-McDonald’s operations into a subsidiary they named Glenmark. It was about this time that investment consultant Sheldon Lavin joined OSI.

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Fortress Investment Group Thrives Even After Two Decades

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998. It was started as a private equity firm. The organization has grown from strength to strength over the years. It has lived true to its initial dream of catering for a special group of clients who had no access to asset investment advisory services and financing. It has even done more. It had its IPO in 2007 where it was noted as a trendsetter. It was, indeed the first large equity firm from the private sector to be listed on the stocks exchange (NYSE). Fortress Investment Group has its headquarters in New York City.

Fortress Investment Group as it is today

Fortress Investment has grown by leaps and bounds. It has an asset base of $43 billion. The company takes care of assets belonging to over 1750 both public and private companies, in hedge funds, and permanent capital investors. The company says that it has a strong bias for the management of risk, and has indeed won lots of corporate support for their highly specialized risk management skills. The company management and experts say that their long-term risk management helps them maintain sustainable assets for long. The company recently attracted the attention of investors from Asia. The deal was concluded, with Fortress Investment Group being given the latitude to continue operating independently; even though it was formally acquired by SoftBank.

The Three Principals

Fortress Investment Group has three principals. Two of them, i.e. Randal Nardone and Wes Edens are based in New York Peter Briger is based in San Francisco. The three principals are charged with leading the company to the next level. They make important company decisions as guided by the shareholders. It is under their management that Fortress has highly diversified products and services. The company offers services such as investment in assets, management operations, capital markets services, consultancy on mergers and acquisitions, development of financial reports and balance sheets among many other services that they try to customize according to the demands of the customers. The company offers investments that are usually asset based. These investments are broadly diversified. They include capital, real estate firm, financial instruments for the creation of cash in the long term and more. The company has thus drawn a lot of attention because of its proven long-term strategies as far as investment is concerned. They also help clients deal with issues relating to pricing, ownership, financing and the management of a wide range of asset types.

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What Sightsavers Learned About Improving Eye Care and the Rights of the Disabled in Underdeveloped Countries

Sightsavers is an organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the sight of people who reside in countries where proper eye services are not available. They also work to help protect the rights of the disabled. A recent blog posted on their website highlighted what their team learned after completing their first inclusive health project in Bhopal, India. This project allowed the team at Sightsavers to see how they could improve the eye health services in this region while also protecting the rights of people with disabilities.


Increasing awareness about the needs people have in areas without proper health services was at the top of what they learned needed to be done. Along with awareness of need came an understanding and commitment to total inclusion with all partners. The team at Sightsavers believe this could be accomplished through training programs designed to change attitudes toward people with disabilities and gender equality. They also found a need to improve the accessibility of existing health facilities for people who have impairments that are either physical or sensory. This is where the partnerships with fundraising organizations needs to be at a level where everyone is committed to providing the best quality of care for these communities.


The team at Sightsavers also believed a greater focus needed to be placed on training individuals with disabilities so that they might play a more involved role within their communities. This includes erasing the stigmas and stereotypes associated with these individuals, which often hampers them from attaining the involvement and leadership they deserve. An inclusive project such as the one Sightsavers undertook in Bhopal, requires a large amount of time, determination and courage. Changing the long standing views some countries have about disabilities does not happen overnight. The review this organization made after its first project helped them see how to proceed with future inclusive programs.

Is NGP VAN is changing the way you vote?

In a society where lights turn on with voice activation, and cars can parallel park on there own; it is safe to assume that changes in the way government parties campaign were destined to happen. Enter NGP VAN. The process of campaigning has evolved from physically intensive to sophisticated “grassroots” efforts. With technology, data is available to campaign groups that allow them to connect to potential voters. NGP VAN assists Democrats who are running for office. It enables Democrats the ability to utilize all of the available web and mobile tools to run a successful campaign.

NGP VAN is a voter database and web hosting company based in Washington DC. As alluded to, it is widely used by the Democratic Party, as well as other progressive organizations and labor unions.

Technology is always changing, so it is essential for campaign teams to take this into account. New technologies appear with the passage of time and campaigns must take the time and expend the technological resources to keep up with these trends. In the 1950s, the television, and radio where new forms of tech that allowed campaign team to connect with potential voters. It primarily catalyzed the four-term run that benefited President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

So how does this work in today’s society? Digital mobilization is an example. A large percentage of people have smartphones. This means that plenty of people have access to the internet. So it breaks down an adage that “politics is local.” Instead of campaign teams physically visiting every state, they can ask voters to connect to a mobile app or website.



The company NGP VAN was founded in 1997. NGP VAN has several tools that are important for Democrats seeking to run a tech-savvy campaign. One, in particular, includes the visualization of collected campaign data for campaign organizers and staff. This visualization allows them to analyze data quickly and observe if the campaign is progressing at an expedient rate.


NGP VAN’s software could prove to be critical for Democrats looking to gain momentum and win the 2018 House and Senate races. Only time will tell how these midterm elections go. However, one thing is for sure: digital grassroots organizing is the future.


As Mitt Romney 2012 campaign team can attest, a lack of understanding essential campaigning technologies will cause campaigns to fail. This fear of failure is why NGP VAN is so critical. It empowers Democrats by handing them access to the power of web tools and big data. With that information, the Democrats get provided with the best analytic and campaign tools possible.

How Matt Badiali And His Freedom Checks Can Change A Life

There have been ads on television that have showed people like Matt Badiali holding up checks that look similar to the check that a person might get back from the government after paying their taxes. Many people are curious about these advertisements and there are many who do not trust them at all. People do not understand what Freedom Checks are all about and that causes them to doubt these ads and the information that is shared in them. Without an education on what the checks are and how they can change a life, people are not going to be interested in the checks and what they could do for them. Learn more on Release Fact about Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst and he is someone who knows what he is talking about. He is educated and he has good information to share. The Freedom Checks that he is advertising relate to investing and they are something that can actually help a person financially. These checks are something that can help out those who are willing to commit to them. These checks are something that person can use to earn a lot of money but they are not something that is going to give a person a lot of money right away.

There are people who have gained a lot of money through Matt Badiali and his Freedom Checks. Those people put out money first and then they received a return on their investments. Because the checks are being worked out by a man who knows all about investing, they can be something that will positively affect those people who choose to make them part of their lives. Those interested in getting involved with Matt Badiali should first do their research. They should look into him and the investing that he is leading them to do to make sure that it is right for them and their lives. Read more:

Ted Bauman Leading Stock Market Investor with Over Two Decades of Experience

People who are looking to achieve their long-term financial goals need to do so with discipline and by following an investment strategy. People with business background and expertise can devise a financial and investment strategy for themselves, but the people who are a novice in managing finances or investment can find it difficult to achieve their retirement or wealth creation goals. Banyan Hill Publishing was established with the aim to help such people who are confused about how to craft an investment strategy. It may look simple on the outset, but it is a lot more complicated, especially today when there are endless amounts of investment options available in the market. Learn more about Ted Bauman  for more info

Banyan Hill Publishing has nearly half a million subscribers, and the count is increasing at a rapid pace. The problem with the most people these days is that they believe in the market rumors and trends readily and invest without doing proper research. It ends with them losing a substantial amount of money in the long-term. Banyan Hill Publishing tells people as to which stock to pick and which sector to invest in and vice versa. Such deliberate effort by the organization to help people make money has been used for people who were earlier unable to plan their financial future and had to spend thousands of dollars on investment options without getting generous returns that they expected.

Ted Bauman is one of the leading financial experts in the country and has been on the editorial team of Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013. Even though Ted Bauman was born and grew up in the United States, he moved to South Africa while still young to complete his education from the Cape Town University. He completed his masters in economics as well as history from the University of Cape Town and later joined a nonprofit organization to handle their funds as an executive fund manager. Ted Bauman also traveled many countries later on and worked with various small to big corporations in nearly seventy-five countries. Working with so many nations and organizations made him aware of his financial capabilities and also enhanced his knowledge about the financial markets. In the due process, Ted Bauman also became a seasoned investor himself. Currently, Ted is editing some of the top newsletters in the country by the name of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and the Alpha Stock Alert. It helps investors find lucrative investment opportunities in the stock market. Visit:



Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers says they are out to cement their Legacy.

If you live for electronic dance music, then you are most likely coming up with new dance moves for the new hit song, Closer, by Chainsmokers. Closer is out of the blues, it expresses freedom and it is very tuneful with talented Halsey and Andrew Taggart doing vocal justice on the song. Chainsmokers is an acclaimed electronic dance music DJing duo, comprising Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Chainsmokers are in fact very famous and are breaking into the international scenes thanks to their legendary global hits like, Don’t Let Me Down and Roses.

If you do not already know the talented group, you might recognize them from their symphonic beats on their popular song Don’t Let Me Down. Since electronic dance came up and became a music culture the DJs behind the expertly crafted electronic soundscapes usually invite vocalists to give their hits the human feel and touch. Alex Pall agrees that this has been the popular concession, but the Chainsmokers are out to try something different in their new song Closer which has Andrew singing. In an interview, Alex Pall reveals that they are ceaselessly trying to better their craft and cement their signature sound as they work on their soon to be released album.

Unbreakable rapport

Alex Pall also says that together with Taggart they have established an incredible chemistry ever since they met. He recalls the events leading to their stardom, which saw Alex quit his job and got Andrew to relocate to New York from Maine and they began making music in Alex’s apartment. Four years later and Chainsmokers are now the most sought-after electronic dance group.

Alex says the challenge is in live performance since they do not sing in most of their hit songs. He says they are working on new techniques to give their audience exquisite and memorable live performances that will keep their fans coming back for more. The Chainsmokers are already ahead of the pack, as they already stage live performances for their fans. Even though performing live in their genre of music is a knotty and intricate affair, Pall is optimistic they are going to do it with much ease because they write their own lyrics and are heavily involved when they hire songwriters in rare instances.

More about Alex Pall

Alex was born in 1985 on May 16 and brought up in Westchester County, New York. He started DJing in New York City as a side gig before he decided to turn pro after he realized his life was centered on music. His dad is an art dealer and his mother is a stay at home wife.

Talos Energy: Rising In the Drilling Industry

Duncan is the chief executive officer for Talos Energy. He has been arranging for the merger of &2.5 billion with Stone Energy. Despite the Hurricane Harvey floods, Duncan is determined to have the deal completed. The merger deal was completed in May. It marks a new chapter where Talos Energy will take over Stone Energy. He is set to preside over the company with an annual revenue amounting to $900 million. It is said that the assets belonging to Talos will be in Gulf in Mexico. Talos Energy is seen as a very classy wildcatter that is taking opportunities around wells in the United States as well as in Mexico. It is a new company and is estimated to produce over 48,000 barrels every day. This is just but a beginning point as it is determined to do more than that.

Duncan portrays strong abilities and strength to overcome tough situations. One of the biggest assets for Talos Energy is the Phoenix New Orleans. It produces over 16,000 barrels in a day that is transferred by Helix Producer ship. More output is expected to come out of Phoenix. Talos is working hard to make discoveries on the reservoirs. Over the merger that happened recently, Talos will benefit greatly from the Pompano platform from Stone Energy assets. Duncan joined the oil industry in 1996 when he was working for the Zilkha Energy. Talos is expected to have great returns in future from the Mexican part of the gulf. Talos became part of the United Kingdom listed as a Premier Oil and Riverstone. No one would expect that a great thing would come out of something that was ditched out. Duncan has challenged perspective. These perspectives that are necessary to run things in the business world most effectively. Most companies and people have written off building something that. It is such a worthy thing to discover, and that is what sets people apart. Talos Energy is seen to do marvelous things and more so in the future times. Duncan continues to head the company wonderfully. It will continue to be the best in the oil refinery industry.

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