Whitney Wolfe Takes Dating App Technology to Another Level

Whitney Wolfe is not your typical female entrepreneur. She is much more than that. When it comes to creating a successful dating app Whitney Wolfe knows how to build powerful dating app technology. She has taken time to research user response, and this is going to make it possible for many people that may not have trusted dating apps before to look at the dating world differently.

Women may not have been in favor of dating apps where men were the ones that were in charge. It was a tough pill to swallow for many women that were trying to avoid the way that men were harassing them on various apps. Whitney Wolfe took note of this. She made a decision to help women out in a major way. She would be able to do this by creating a dating app that would actually give women the ability to connect with men by making the first move themselves.

This seems somewhat unorthodox in the dating app world, but Whitney Wolfe did not want to be confined by any type of rules or traditions. She knew that she could only get this type of freedom to do what she wanted if she branched out on her own. This is what actually led to the creation of Bumble.

Whitney Wolfe was tired of being the person that had to go to other people and talk over ideals before any final decision was made. She wanted a life and a business wear the buck would stop with her. She would be the one to make the final say on decisions. This is what led her to connect with users and explore what they were actually looking for it when it came to a dating apps.

What Whitney Wolfe discovered was a surprise. She realized that there were quite a few women that were looking for something similar to what she was interested in. Women wanted the chance to approach men if they were attracted to someone. They did not want to sit by idly while they waited on men to approach them. This is something that Whitney Wolfe had been thinking about ever since she was in college.

Now she was out in the world as an entrepreneur, and she had the ability to actually make this happen. The Bumble app would become the feminists app that would allow women to initiate conversations.

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