From Princeton to Fortress it has been quite a career for Peter Bridger.

Peter Briger is the current Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of Fortress Investment Group, he has been with the investment group for more than fifteen years, having been brought on board from Goldman Sachs where he was already a partner with 15 years experience. He joined Fortress at management level, bringing with him a wealth of experience in deal making a specialty acquired and nurtured at Goldman.Peter Briger grew his love for business when he attended Princeton University, where he graduated with a B. A, and would later be followed by an MBA from the Walton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania. His educational background combined with his leadership skills saw him hold various positions at Goldman Sachs that include Co-Head of Asian Real Estate Private Equity business, Co-Head of Asian Distressed Debt business and Co-Head of Fixed Income Principal Investment Groups.

These positions were quite tasking, but he was able to handle them well until Fortress came calling. In 2006 he was elected as a Director before moving up to Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2009. He also holds other positions in the group, i.e., the principal, president and Head of credit and real estate business.This has made Peter Briger one of the most respected business minds in the country, and as such it was no surprise when he was named among the top 400 business minds in America by Forbes magazine.Apart from career, Peter Briger has always had a passion for issues affecting the community. He has not only provided a listening ear, but has dedicated his resources and time to this issue. He contributes to philanthropic causes that include the global fund for children and the council for foreign relations.

This council is geared towards the enhancement of better understanding of foreign policy issues among leaders and citizens.Peter Briger is also a proud alumnus of Princeton University and as such continues to contribute towards the welfare of the school. Peter together with others began The Alumni Entrepreneurs Fund; this fund would help students innovate, generate ideas as well as take calculated risks when taking on the challenges facing society today. This fund will fund startups that submit their proposals to a team of six alumni entrepreneurs who will deliberate on its merit and help mentor the young entrepreneurs to greater heights. Briger believes in the power and value of mentor ship as a tool for building better entrepreneurs and continues to do so in his personal capacity.