About Wes Edens: The Co-Founder of Fortress Investment Group.

Wes Edens is one of the pioneers of Fortress Investment Group. He has served the organization in various senior positions since August 2009. He was appointed as the Co-Chief Executive Officer in 2017. He is tasked with overseeing the private equity section in the firm. He headed the firm as the Chief Executive Officer for from 1998 to 2003. He is also a pioneer of other firms such as Milwaukee Bucks, Inc. He headed the Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC as the Chief Executive Officer for 5 years. He has also held senior positions in many other multi-national companies. He has succeeded in his business and is ranked at position 962 in the Forbes Magazine. Wes Edens is passionate about helping the young people to attain their full potential. He recently launched an American team known as FlyQuest, it was previously owned by Cloud9.

According to a report, the team cost the investment group $2.5 million. The move was a change in the firm’s portfolios as they seek to diversify into eSports. Wes Edens has been instrumental in the firm’s efforts to venture into other areas and this has led to a positive impact on the financial performance. The team has competed with other local teams and won. Sarah Watterson was tasked with managing the new team as it has a good potential. FlyQuest has partnered with other teams to engage in matches in North America. Plans are underway to have various teams compete in various games offered on the eSports platform. The teams are also expected to take part in competitions outside the United States in the future.

The team is expected to perform well due to the marketing practices that Wes Edens and investment group are likely to use. Some of the practices that could help to boost the performance of the team include forming partnerships with other stakeholders and engaging potential sponsors.Wes Edens has also set out to create a strong fan base as it is likely to boost the morale of the players and improve their performance. He expressed his optimism that the purchase was a good investment. He aims at transforming the team into a global competitor through the use of modern facilities. According to him, the games industry has experienced a great change and acknowledges the need to embrace innovation in the gaming industry. eSports has offered a good platform where talented players can utilize their abilities and earn a good income.