Avaaz: Activating Activist

If you’re looking for your next issue to tackle considering visiting Avaaz. This website offers a variety of issues in which it activists can tackle. They also specialize in making it as simple and direct as possible to make your voice heard. They do this in a variety of ways such as providing petitions which individuals can easily sign digitally. They also provide a strong platform for people to connect. Another one of their tools is the ability to email representatives directly. They believe in creating a more pleasant world overall. They have even playfully called for all the optimists of the world to unite in creating this better world.

Some of the campaigns are as simple as a petition. Other campaigns have more complicated stunts involved. The stunts are varied they can be citizens, as phone ends, rallies or something as playful as taking a herd of cardboard pigs to the door of the World Health Organization. Campaigns are suggested by members then processed by employees. From there employees of the site gauge overall interest in the issue from their members. If there is sufficient interest then they will move forward in creating a new campaign.

Avaaz makes no claims on any particular ideology. Their statement in this regard is that they intend to unite practical idealist from around the world. In practice, many of the campaigns supported by the platform tend to be considered more progressive. Example of these causes is a call to action on climate change globally or building better support for refugees. They also produce a software tool to simplify overseas voter registration during the 2016 United States presidential election. Some people have criticized that website such as this turn activism into clicktivism. These people also criticized the fact that these petitions do not create the same close-knit and disciplined networks of activists. However, websites such as this could easily be the future of activism. It could easily be said that website such as this give those that are too busy to get involved and an outlet for expressing their opinions when they do not have the time to engage in traditional activism.

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