Some Negative Reports Shared by Sahm Adrangi of Kerrisdale Capital Management

All investors want to get returns from their investments. Most investors specialize in long-term investments. The stock market is one of the sectors that has attracted many investors across the world. With proper strategies and information, many investors are making huge profits from the stock market. Most of them buy shares of successful companies. To establish a good company to invest in, research is required. Kerrisdale Capital Management is one of the companies that has specialized in research investment management. The leading investment manager is Sahm Adrangi, who is the chief investment officer at the firm.

Sahm Adrangi has vast experience in the stock market and investment management. He has worked with the Deutsche Bank and Chanin Capital Partners. He made a huge impact at Deutsche Bank and helped many creditors while working at Chanin Capital Partners with advice on out of court bankruptcy restructuring. Longacre Fund Management is another firm he has served for several years. He was involved in investment research and analysis at the company. Adrangi holds a degree in economics from Yale University.

Sahm Adrangi and his company focus on event-driven situations and value investments. They give positive and negative reports according to their findings. Recently they have given several negative reports about several companies that investors should avoid even if their shares value is high. One of the companies is East Kodak Company . According to Sahm’s research, this company has poor fundamentals. Consequently, its share will go down soon, and investors should avoid the company’s shares.

QuinStreet, Inc is another company that Sahm Adrangi has discussed. This company specializes in internet marketing to get revenue. It shares have gone up recently, and Sahm Adrangi is sure that the value of the shares will go down due to its poor business model and making revenue from sham web traffic. Lastly, he has talked about St. Joe Company. According to his research, the company is overvalued, and its share will fall soon due to new SEC limitations on Illiquid equity holdings.