Dr. David Samadi Talks about his Long Career in Robotic Surgery

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Dr. David Samadi, Chair of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital, talked about his fascinating life and career. Despite his impressive professional track record, for Samadi, family comes first, and he is a firm believer in the importance of family life.

Samadi began his career as an undergraduate at SUNY-Stony Brook, where he went on to complete his MD degree. He later completed a urology residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine as well as a fellowship in proctology. It was at this point that Samadi became fascinated with the technology that would change his professional life. He was chosen to undertake a fellowship in France in order to specialize in robotic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. David Samadi is now a leading authority on robotic surgery and has even pioneered the SMART (Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique). By developing this procedure, Dr. Samadi has managed to solve a perennial problem in the field of urology. Traditionally, doctors removing a prostate would peel off the nerves attached to a prostate, which had a number of potential side effects, including erectile dysfunction. Thanks to Dr. Samadi’s new technique, these risks are now greatly diminished thanks to higher-precision robotic techniques.

Despite his successes, Dr. Samadi is hardly one to rest on his laurels. On the contrary,he regularly wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and is in the office by 6:00. In fact, according to Dr. Samadi, he prefers being an early bird as this allows him to get a lot done while everyone else is still in bed. Although he only performs surgery 2-3 days a week, his schedule is still always hectic as the doctor must provide pre-operative and post-operative care to his patients.

One business trend that has captured Dr. David Samadi’s imagination is the current focus on results. He believes that being results-driven is far more advantageous than simply taking in part in countless drawn-out meetings lacking purpose. One piece of advice he gives readers is to invest in tele-medicine and tele-surgery, as he believes these are industries that will dominate medicine in the future.

Dr. David Samadi says that he wouldn’t change a thing about his life. Thanks to his tremendous work ethic and his desire to help people, he has built a career of which he is most proud. He is not all about work, however. The eminent urologist enjoys playing a variety of sports when he needs to unwind and is also partial to a game of backgammon on occasion.

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