Adam Milstein: The Mind behind the Times of Israel

Adam Milstein is the creator of the website “The Times of Israel,” and he is also credited for being the mind behind several other websites including “The Jerusalem Post.” He aims to promote the Jewish heritage and to inform the Jewish people about the most updated news concerning Israel. Adam Milstein is the child of two Latin American immigrants who decided to live and work in Israel. Today, he is known as one of the most active voices in the protection of the Jewish people, and he is also participating in a lot of philanthropic activities through his foundation. He is also working as a managing partner for a California-based real estate and property development company known as Hager Pacific Properties. He helped the company to gain a lot of clients, and he also spearheaded several reforms that resulted in the increasing number of projects that they participate in. Adam and his wife, Gila, created the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in the year 2000, with the main objective of helping the less fortunate Jewish people and granted them a scholarship that they could use until college. Adam Milstein is also doing his part in improving the relationship between the United States and Israel, and he is calling all Jewish Americans to join him in his mission to provide a haven for the Jewish people against Anti-Semitic attacks.

Adam Milstein writes a number of articles and journals in The Times of Israel and the Jerusalem Post, warning the Jewish people about the rising number of Anti-Semitic attacks committed against Israeli citizens. He is also urging the governments of the world to work together and do their best to protect the Jewish people. Adam Milstein stated that as long as there are no concrete resolutions regarding the attacks committed against the Israeli people, the enemies of the Jewish state would continue to wage war and conflict against them. He also suggested that the Jewish people should work together and group, assigning someone who could become the symbol of power and hope to all, and lead the Jewish state to success.